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Séminar "Infinite horizon control and minimax observer design for linear DAEs"

Speaker : Mihaly Petreczky (Ecole des Mines de Douai)
Title : Infinite horizon control and minimax observer design for linear DAEs
Joint work with : Serhiy Zhuk, IBM Research, Dublin.

 Abstract :
 We present an infinite horizon minimax state observer for a linear stationary differential-algebraic equation (DAE) with uncertain, unknown but bounded input and noisy output. We do not assume regularity or existence of a (unique) solution for any initial state of the DAE. Our approach is based on a generalization of Kalman’s duality principle and application of geometric theory of linear systems. In addition, we obtain a solution of a certain infinite-horizon linear quadratic optimal control problem for DAEs.

Speaker : Alessandro Pisano (University of Cagliari )

Title : Robust fault detection by second order sliding mode observers with applications


Abstract : 

This talk will survey and discuss some recent research work made at the University of Cagliari in the area of high-order sliding mode based FDI. The focus will be on the model-based approaches, usually involving the use of suitable observers generating "residual" signals on the basis of which faults are detected and isolated.

The talk will cover, both, the theoretical foundations of the proposed methodologies and the description of some practical FDI applications including detection and isolation of valve faults and broken bar and eccentricity faults in induction motors. Among the considered classes of systems, linear and nonlinear switched systems will be paid a special attention. Experimental results will be presented.